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Convert Your 4 Cylinder Sunbeam Alpine to a Ford V6

Want to make you Alpine more Reliable?
Want to make you Alpine more Powerful?
Want to make your Alpine more "Domestic"?
Want to make you Alpine more FUN to drive?

One of the best enhancements you can make to a Sunbeam Alpine is to remove the tired, under powered 4 cylinder, and replace it with a Ford 2.8L V6.

The Ford 2.8 with its narrow 60° V and the unique feature of "Siamese" exhaust ports lend itself to low cost and simple installation in the Sunbeam Alpine. Only minor chassis modifications are required, and when done properly they do not alter the structural or physical characteristics of the Alpine.

The retrofit of the 2.8 V6 into the Alpine engine bay is made easy by the use of a kit which can be purchased from V6 Jose for a modest price. The kit includes high quality, custom fabricated components which are otherwise not commercially available. For information regarding
how to proceed with the conversion with Jose's kit.....Jose's Conversion.  Additional links to specific sections are located below.

The stock V6 will give you a modest performance improvement, and the T5 will give you five gears to get you going down the road at today's highways speeds comfortably. 

With typical and straight-forward performance enhancements you will end up with a real sports car consistent with the Alpines Big Brother.....  the V8 Tiger.  The V6 Alpine with typical performance enhancements will generate up to and sometimes exceed 200 HP at the crankshaft, while retaining the Alpine nimble steering.  This combination will out perform a stock Tiger at a fraction of the cost.

Regardless whether you choose a stock V6, or a performance enhanced version, you will give your Alpine a much more solid and dependable power plant than the original 1.4 - 1.7L.  In addition to the solid reliability, you will also get the benefit of being able to obtain many parts from your local parts warehouse when necessary.

Weight Considerations:  The 2.8L with T5 transmission will add about 100lbs to the total car weight from the stock configuration, and the load balance will still be a desirable 51/49%.

If you have comments or ideas to share, please leave a private comment with your contact information.

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